How To Increase Vertical Jump & Develop Jumping Skills In Sports

How to increase vertical jump and develop jumping skills in sports? Read this article and add more inches to your vertical jump.

 You can develop your vertical jumping without special footwear, Dwyane Wade's genetics or years of training. With the following simple basics, tips and exercises, you will be able to “out-rebound” your opponents on the court in just several weeks.

1. Jumping Basics

First, get clear the concept of jumping. What exactly jumping really is – this is power. In vertical jumping, players have to show their power in performing their highest vertical jump, along with showing particular sports skills, especially in soccer, basketball, volleyball and badminton.

There are different exercises and plans for you to increase your vertical height. For instance, exercises to increase the force output, exercises to increase distance over what you’re applying the time constant and keeping force and exercises to reduce the time over what your movement is performed. 

2. Calf Muscle Strength

To increase vertical jump, you should strengthen your calf muscles as they perform the final propulsion in the air. To train these calf muscles, do calf muscle exercises to increase the range of motion of these muscles.

To stretch your calf muscles, stand on each step with the heels off it slightly, while trying to balance yourself on the balls of feet.

Drop a heel down by shifting your weight backward slightly in order to apply the pressure to the tendon and muscles.

Hold this position for about 10 seconds while you are taking a deep breath. Then, push further and hold it slightly. Switch your sides when you’re finished. 

3. Quad Strength

As one of powerful exercises to increase body strength and fitness, quad exercises can also help increase vertical jump. Before you practice other training courses, learn to do quad strength first. When you perform squad exercise, you have to go down slowly in order to increase the glute activation. This is a large muscle related to the propulsion. To develop your vertical height, you should perform single leg squats. Because practicing the vertical jump requires you to jump off 1 leg, so single leg squats are more movement-specific to build up the required strength. 

It is said that you need to train your body to squad 1.5 time of your body weight or even 2 times higher. When you can perform that, you can increase the ability of increasing your vertical height faster. 

Moreover, when squatting, you should try to push yourself upward fast after each lowering phase. This process works more of fast twitch muscles and it can help on the upward exploding vertical jump phase.

 4. Flexibility Training

Jumping is not as simple as you lift your body up with your strength. In reality, it requires you to combine different body movements at the same time to achieve the fast and highest vertical jump. To do this, you have to learn flexibility exercises. Let your ligaments, muscles and tendons work to loosen your lower body parts. As a result you will get rid of leveraging the force as well as avoid decreasing the jumping ability.

Focus on the hamstrings, calves, quads, and hip flexors.

 5. Do Hamstring Exercises

To do hamstring exercises, first sit down on the floor with the legs straight. Keep the feet flexed. Then bend forward. Try to reach the hand palms to the feet. If possible, grab onto the feet. Pull the body forward but try to keep the back straight. Hold this for about 20 to 30 seconds before you relax and repeat it. 

6. Train Your Hip Flexor Muscles

To train your hip flexor muscles, start by getting onto a mat in the kneeling position. Next, move 1 leg out toward. Let a foot stay on the floor firmly and the knee creates a 900 angle. Then, lean the body toward the knee slowly. Your arms are placed on that bent knee. Hold this for about 10 to 15 seconds. Afterward, switch your legs.

7. No Arm Hop

Remember not to use your arms in order that the force can be generated from the legs. Stand tall, slightly bend down and jump off while keeping the arms glued to your own sides. When landing, remember to jump again and complete ten continuous reps.

8. Box Jumps

This is a type of exercise to increase vertical jump. It helps improve the rebounding ability, give sports player a better plyometric power. To perform this exercise, stand atop a suitable box that is about 2 feet off the ground. Remember that the higher the box is, the harder that exercise you will have to perform). When you have found the balance, focus to jump off that box, land quickly as you can do. Rebound off the ground again. Keep in mind that the aim of the box jumps exercise isn’t to bend your knees to propel the body of the ground. After you are finished, get on the top of that box. Perform it again and repeat this about 10 times. 

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